Message From The Intimia® Inventor

The Intimia® Pillow Bra ~ Designed By A Woman, Made For Women!

Intimia®l am a cosmetic nurse who works with women that spend thousands of dollars on removing wrinkles from their faces or augmenting their breast size, yet some of them do not wear any low-cut clothing or even V-necks because of embarrassing decolletage wrinkles.

Sleeping on your side causes these particular wrinkles, which look like crow’s feet. Those lines you see in the morning can become permanent because repetitive creasing causes collagen in the skin to break down.

To address this issue, I developed the Intimia® Pillow Bra to comfortably separate the breasts while the wearer sleeps in any position, preventing new chest wrinkles and diminishing existing lines.

It also gives comfort to women who’ve had breast surgery, tender-breasted women, and breast-feeding moms, allowing for a more restful night sleep. Enjoy the comfort and beauty treatment provided by the Intimia® Pillow Bra.

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