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Below are customer testimonials for the Intimia® Pillow Bra.
Read product testimonials about the breast pillow benefits such as reducing chest wrinkles
to helping side sleepers and large breasted women enjoy sleep comfort during the night.

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Anti Wrinkle Product Reviews From Emails

“Got my product yesterday and wore it last night. I noticed a difference as soon as I got up. I love it!!!!! Thank you so much, No more wrinkles on my chest!!!!!!!!” ~ Maggie Stone, MI


“I LOVE my Intimia® Breast Pillow! I don’t go to bed without it! Not only has it relieved aching and discomfort from sleeping both during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it has totally gotten rid of the wrinkles on my chest. Before I discovered your website, I had no idea that my chest wrinkles were from side-sleeping. What a great product! Amazing results! I can’t wait to try the new design!” ~ Sara T.


“If I wear the pillow over night the next morning I can start seeing results. Its a great product and I truly believe it should be sold in stores around the world to help women out there like it helped me. It was recommended by my doctor and was truly a success.” ~ Morissa D.


“Yes – I love the product and have bought several over the last few years. There’s nothing else on the market that does what the Intimia pillow does.” ~ Fran F.


“My friend gave me your pillow as a gift after my cardiac surgery. It helped enormously with the healing process because it hurt so much to sleep on my side. The pillow gave me comfort and eased my pain. It should be given to all cardiac surgery patients.” ~ Denise E.


“Really see results the day after for a bit. Great product, think it would sell well in specialty bra and nursing supplies shops” ~ Penny S.


“I am 43. Purchased pillow for wrinkles. It worked RIGHT AWAY for me. Usually I wake up with lines all over my cleavage that last HOURS. First morning after wearing breast pillow skin was unlined! This product is a definite 10! Yes, it should be in stores and I think it was MADE FOR T.V.!! This thing is a fortune waiting to happen in info commercial, I would think. Would recommend to anyone. Just wish I had started wearing it a lot sooner!! I LOVE this product!! Best of luck to you!”  Sincerely, Jaclyn C.


“Saw improvement the first night!. I have tried three different types of breast support, and .this is the definitely the most comfortable and easiest to wear.” ~ Susan K.


“It really works, if I don’t use it, I get wrinkles on my chest, I love it!!!” ~ Irene S.



“I am very grateful to you for designing such a wonderful and easy to use product. I used the pillow right after breast reduction surgery to make it easier to turn from side to side; I am thin and the change was a challenge at first. The pillow was a huge help and I am very grateful. The surgery was so successful that I really do not need the support now.” ~ Teresa W.


“Beside the reason of buying the breast pillow (wrinkles) for me it is very comfortable having the pillow between the breast while sleeping on the side, because it avoids the breast falling down and this is a much more better feeling.” ~ Mary V.


“I saw results as soon as I woke up with it. It is very comfortable and I will purchase another one if or when I need a new one.” ~ Tamara M.


“Love it – can’t sleep without it.” ~ Julie W. Sydney, Australia


“I used to wake up with wrinkles between my breasts, which bothered me a lot – since I’m still young the wrinkles disappeared during the day. Still I wanted to find a solution for this wrinkle problem. I live in Germany and didn’t find anything comparable here so I searched the Internet and found Intimia® Breast Pillow. I wear it every night and I am so happy about waking up without wrinkles.” ~ Lisa F. Germany


“I could tell the results next morning. Washes beautifully, amazingly comfortable, really works.” ~ Linda R.


“I just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful product I think you have. I’m 33 years old. I had a breast augmentation 4 years ago. I’ve always been a side sleeper and prior to my surgery I never had a problem with cleavage wrinkling. After my surgery my breasts were heavier… therefore I noticed that I started waking up with slight fine wrinkle lines on my chest. I went online searching for something to stop the wrinkling and immediately found your product. I have used the Breast pillow FAITHFULLY every night for the last three years. (In fact, I should probably buy a new one soon—its starting to wear out!) I cannot believe the results I have experienced. I have no cleavage crease wrinkle. It’s unbelievable! I don’t know what I would do without it!! I just wanted you to know how wonderful your product is. I tell everyone I know!” Sincerely, Jill S.

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