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Intimia® Pillow Bra

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wrinkle reductionAging is inevitable. We get older, and the skin on our face and neck starts to show its age. Chest wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of collagen, so as you age, the collagen naturally begins to thin making your skin more susceptible to wrinkles.

Years of lying in the sun, sleeping on the side and even smoking can worsen the damage done to your décolleté. In an effort to help women around the world, the Intimia® Pillow Bra was invented as a treatment to help eliminate and prevent décolletage wrinkles.

The breast pillow is a small, comfortable pillow that lies between your breasts while you rest. Because the chest pillow sits between your breasts keeping them separate, there is no pulling or tugging at the delicate skin.

What makes Intimia unique is that it has soft, comfortable straps that keep it in place all night, with every toss and turn. You can sleep anyway you want, even on your stomach! The high quality straps are adjustable to fit all women and the crisscross strap design doesn’t constrict blood flow to your upper torso.

The pillow bra won’t disturb your sleep so you can rest easy knowing that your chest will look smoother and younger when you wake up!

Customer Testimonial:

★★★★★“This pillow tucks between the girls just perfectly, gives them just a little bit of support without being confining, and noticeably reduces my morning wrinkles. Plus the satiny fabric just feels so good. I keep it in my nightstand and can slip it on just as easily as putting on a tank top…and it stays put all night…I usually side-sleep but toss around a lot and can sleep as comfortably on my side as I can on my back. Love it!” ~ Mary, Amazon Customer

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