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Intimia® Reparative Moisture Creme


Technologically advanced cellular treatment repairs and replenishes skin. Recommended for combination, normal, dry, dehydrated, mature and environmentally damaged skin. [2 oz. Jar]

Features & Benefits

  • DNA REPAIR: Microscopic spheres (ultrasomes) transport enzymes to help repair damage caused by ultraviolet light
  • TISSUE REPAIR: Oxygenators revitalize skin circulation, while a firming complex helps tighten and tone skin
  • LIPID REPAIR: Provides lubrication to skin surface and helps skin to replace its own lipid barrier that has been stripped away by harsh environments and products

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Wrinkle Remover

Wrinkle remover creme for the neck and chest. Moisturizing cream with age-defying ingredients may help reduce the appearance of unsightly marks, and can help tighten and firm the skin to remove wrinkles.

Key Ingredients:

  • ULTRASOMES: Microscopic spheres release plant enzymes that help identify and repair DNA damage from the environment
  • HEMOLYMPH & GINSENG EXTRACTS: Draw oxygen from the environment to skin
  • ROSEMARY EXTRACT: Helps stimulate ceramide production in skin
  • SUNFLOWER, SESAME, JOJOBA & HAZELNUT OILS: Lubricate and replenish skin’s lipid barrier

wrinkle removerRecommended Use:

Apply a small amount over chest and neck area. Use nightly.

Wrinkle Remover Tips

It’s no surprise that chest wrinkles form the same way wrinkles on other areas of your body do. Another serious cause of wrinkling is from collected years of sun damage. The chest is often the victim of too much sun exposure, which can cause wrinkles and sunspots. Although the chest is an often exposed area, many women can forget to apply ample sunscreen on a daily basis.

Natural aging develops thinning skin and a lack collagen and protein production. The less collagen, the less elasticity under your skin to support areas with higher amount of use. In women, chest wrinkles can form when the weight of one breast pulls the chest skin down. This is especially likely while sleeping on your side.

With this in mind, there are preventative lotions that can help promote the production of collagen.  Be skeptical to most products as many can be misleading. What is important are several ingredients that are proven to help collagen production.

So many wrinkle creams are really just glorified moisturizers. While moisture in the skin is important to the overall health of the dermis, it is NOT all that the skin needs in order to “heal” or recover from a wrinkle.

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