Intimia® Pillow Bra
Comfort for Tender Breasts

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breast supportIt’s not a secret that women recovering after breast related surgeries tend to feel soreness or pain in their breasts, making it difficult to sleep. Especially for patients after breast augmentation, mastectomies or cardiac surgery, the healing process can cause stress on the breasts as well as the body.

The Intimia® Pillow Bra can help speed up healing as well as aiding in comfort during sleep. With the breast pillow, you can even sleep on your side without the discomfort – there is no more friction from your breasts rubbing together. Instead they are cushioned by the extra soft, gentle pillow.

Breast Support For Comfort & Healing

Regardless of your sleep position, you will enjoy the breast support and sleep comfort that you need. Especially after surgeries, sleep is essential for your body to recover effectively. Toss and turn, but the soft straps won’t move.

The chest pillow is always secure and will stay in place due to its ergonomic shape. No tugging, no constricting. This pillow bra is fitted yet it will never cut off blood flow or feel too tight. It will just feel weightless.

No more sleepless nights!

Customer Testimonial:

★★★★★ “This is truly wonderful. THANK GOD FOR THIS!!!! It helps my breast pain AND I wake up wrinkle-less!…Plus with this pillow you can wear your moisturizer and just hand wash whenever you feel it needs it. Also, the straps are well done and you cannot feel this once you get it in place!!!!!! I really wish I would have invented this! 5 STARS!!!!!!!!” ~ Amazon Customer, Florida

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