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Intimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck Pillow
Intimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck PillowIntimia® Neck Pillow
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Neck Pillow

Intimia® Neck Pillow

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One Size Fits All.

Prevents Neck Wrinkles from forming in the Neck area.


Provides Neck support and comfortable nights' sleep for side, back or stomach sleepers.


Reduces or completely cures the appearance of existing neck wrinkles formed during sleep.

A Way to Prevent
Neck Wrinkles.

Intimia® Neck Pillow

Intimia® Pillow Bra For Wrinkle Reduction

The Intimia® Pillow Bra is a specialty night bra designed to provide breast support,
sleep comfort and chest wrinkles correction to women of all ages.

For women seeking transformation of the chest skin, the Intimia® Pillow Bra helps
to achieve excellent results in preventing or diminishing the appearance of chest wrinkles. The comfortable cushion made of hypoallergenic fiberfill ensures that the skin in between your breasts does not pucker while laying on your side.

Thousands of women around the world have been able to improve or completely eliminate the appearance of these embarrassing wrinkles. Regular nightly use can gradually smooth out cleavage wrinkles, while protecting your chest area from
the formation of new wrinkles. Customers have reported noticing great results
after 2-3 weeks of continuous use*.

The anatomically shaped pillow comfortably separates the breasts while providing
a soft and lightweight cushion. Its unique shape and adjustable straps allow the pillow bra to stay between breasts throughout the night, so that one breast does not press against the other. This relieves excess pressure by working against gravity, decreasing breast discomfort while giving the support you need.

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Intimia® Anti-Neck Wrinkles Sleep Pillow

Benefit 1

Shown to prevent and reduce Neck Wrinkles by keeping the neck straight during sleep, which effectively smooth out existing wrinkles and helps prevent new ones from forming.

Benefit 2

Comfortable, easy to wear and easy to sleep with for maximum short and long-terms result



Reviews from Amazon

Honey Bell

Not exactly sure how it controls neck wrinkles since I just received it but it prevents my neck from getting any drafts while I am sleeping. I would highly recommend placing a double snap on it though... this way the extra strap stays in one place. I am wondering if this comes with any type of covering that can be place on it like a pillow case. This way I won't have to wash the pillow as much--and it would make it last longer.


This pillow is a magic for my good sleep and wrinkles prevention! First of all it saves a lot of my money for the wrinkle treatments and also, I noticed less pain in my neck a week after using it. The way it works that, it prevents the neck bending during night sleep. I am so glad I bought this pillow.


This neck pillow is amazing for keeping my neck youthful. With Aging and gravity you don’t think about anti agin methods for your neck. This is a great preventable product!!


It’s ok but short for my neck. I’m not sure it makes much of a difference.

Amazon Customer

Doesn't work for small necks. Returning it

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